20 Appalling Photos That Shows Our World Has Almost Turned Into A Dystopia


What rings a bell, when you think about a tragic universe? What is your take? is it Dali-esque surrealist scenes or is it a genuine like ‘The Handmaidens Tale? Nonetheless, according to the perspective on late British scholarly and social scholar Mark Fisher, we live in an oppressed world, which is unwanted and startling.

In 2015, the term ‘exhausting oppressed world’ planned by Mark Fisher and he alludes to the subconscious compulsion that has large amounts of an industrialist society. It is unobtrusive, truth be told, that in case you are not noticing, you probably won’t remember it is occurring.

Additionally, Charlie Booker’s Black Mirror is the nearest portrayal of this hypothesis, with his scenes addressing how far is excessively far with regards to our creating innovation.

In any case, for genuine instances of that hypothesis look no farther than the sub-Reddit named ‘A Boring Dystopia,’ committed to sharing pictures which are stunningly unassuming.

Kindly look down to see the Orwellian string of signs!

#1 Peak Bureaucracy (Happened In Toronto)
#2 How To Advertise To Millennials
#3 You Must Be Noteworthy To Take A Selfie At This Spot
#4 Drink Soda To Help Fight Diabetes
#5 The Only Way To Live
#6 Look At All That Freedom
#7 Healthcare Described In One Picture
#8 “Against Homeless” Bench
#9 “How Might We Decorate Our Lobby To Look Refined While Still Being Utterly Devoid Of Character?”
#10 Boring Dystopia
#11 Quick Reminder That We Have Been At War For 17 Years. Certainly, People Are Sent To Fight
#12 And Die Each Day, But It Is Just Old News, Right?
#13 Kurt Cobain Wasn’t Diagnosed With A Mental Illness And Leave A Suicide Note For It To Be Turned Into A Fashion Trend
#15 American Airlines Announces Pay Raises For Pilots And Flight Attendants, And Investors Balk
#16 Mass Shootings Are Now So Common That President Trump Just Copies-And-Pastes His Condolences
#17 Trump’s Official Survey Doesn’t Include Any Negative Response Options
#18 Teaching Kids To Read Via Logos
#19 Boring Dystopia
#20 Liquidation Sale
#21 Plastic, As God Made It


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