20 Illustrations That Shows The Real Nature Of The Modern World


All of us are unique, however there are things that join practically every one of the occupants of this planet. We are in general prepared to carry out wonderful things while falling head over heels and don’t have any desire to relinquish somebody dear to us when they unexpectedly choose to leave. We as a whole need to seem somewhat better compared to we truly are, however we don’t really want to discuss it so anyone can hear.

These unobtrusive highlights of our mind stood apart to the Israeli artist, Yuval Robichek. His works incorporate things we all can identify with, and now and then, it’s even somewhat terrifying.

We at Positive flow were very dazzled by these representations on Yuval’s Instagram account. We trust that they’ll stir a tempest of feelings in you as well.

© yuvalrob / Instagram

Preview photo credit yuvalrob / Instagram


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