23 Photos Showing How Young People Appeared 100 Years Ago


As the time flies fashion also changes frequently, if we met someone wearing a sailors dress, we would probably underestimate them saying they don’t know what’s fashion, and this is such a horrible taste, but 100 years ago this was the most chosen fashion by youth. Being the rebel they have mastered the most iconic styles at the moment.

Follows show how the young people did fashions.

#1 Algeria.

They wore a cultural head dress with a baggy draping around their body.

#2 Germany.

100 years ago their traditional dress was sailor’s dress for men and girls wore the white dress, now a days people only wear these under a theme costume party.

#3 China and Nepal.

They always wore heavy jewelries’ , perhaps its their tradition no judgment is allowed for this style. Chinese young girls wore long skirts and long sleeve sweaters to school.

#4 England.

Looking at this picture will surely take us to that old days. England’s fashion haven’t moved very much ,but all the lads and the ladies has the freedom to wear according to their freedom.

#5 Ireland and Scotland.

Scottish wore airy dresses freely according to fun games they want to play but Irish people choses selected cultural dresses for the children to wear.

#6 Albania and Romania.

According to their culture they had the freedom to wear baggy and comfortable clothes to wear. Left photo is the girl that got famous as the mother Theresa in that time.

#7 Japan.

Some of the School children of Japan wore the traditional dress called “kimono” and some wore the iconic sailors uniform. These children has chosen to be geishas once they grown.

#8 Mexico and Argentina.

Mexican boys killed the cultural workers dress, the girl in the right side picture is Frida kahlo. she is wearing massive head bows and a cultural frock. She is called to rule the world in future.

#9 Spain.

Spaniards always good at wearing on point, according to above pictures you can’t even exactly guess how old they are because they are so good at showing the matureness.

#10 Estonia and Poland.

Poland young girls wore plain fashion 100 years ago, they also believed smoking makes them look superb.

#11 Cyprus and Greece.

Cyprus young people wore the cultural uniform which symbolist the unity. The grown man in the pictures keeping soldiers with fashion as its one of the main rules to follow.

#12 Hungary.

Wearing similar white frocks symbols the care and the love for each other, the smart boy in the tuxedo looks handsome but the hat is out of today’s fashion.

#13 Luxembourg and Austria.

In Europe sailors dress is most likely the base of fashion.

#14 India.

Boys were looking much educated when girls look totally not engage in studies.

#15 New Zealand and Australia.

Aussies always looked snatches and great. While New Zealand young girl looking cultural.

#16 USA

Native American always went with their type of taste on fashion. The picture of Walt Disney proves the artist well. Boy in tuxedo and beret looks like he is ready to be a revolution.

#17 Belgium.

Belgian men wore tuxedo with the cutting edge ( bow).

#18 Netherland.

Netherlands seems so close to nature ,also they had farms near by. Ladies wore beret cap and cultural black gown.

#19 Finland and Sweden.

Sweden got the most elegant gown and the unbeaten sailors dress for woman.

#20 Russian.

Russian loved to dress fashionably. Girls wore dresses and the boys wore the sailor’s dress with the sailor’s cap.

#21 France.

French people are winners at fashion field. Girls welcoming us with a instrument ,wearing a gorgeous white dress. As a result of creativeness a French men becomes the founder of Lacoste.

#22 Philippines.

Filipinos do the traditional dress but also have gone with the European fusion gown.

#23 Italy.

Italians have the influence of the famous Romans.
Due to the chance of globalization every country ‘s fashion had made a great sense in the world . As the time flies, fashion changes too ,looking at all the pictures above we can understand that we have experienced a lot in fashion.


  1. Dear writer of this article,
    It is wrong to confuse Romanian people with gipsies. I hope you will have the time and curiosity to do some research regarding the traditional romanian clothes and enjoy their beauty. It would also be nice to change that part of the article.


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