A 23-Year-Old Woman With 11 Babies And She Wants More

A 23-Year-Old Woman With 11 Babies And She Wants More
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Envision having not one but rather eleven children requesting your consideration without a moment’s delay. That is the existence of Christina Ozturk, a 23-year-elderly person, and she was unable to be any more joyful. Truth be told, she is so infatuated with kids, she is wanting to have a much bigger family.

One interviewer met the youthful mother to impart a brief look at her life to our crowd. Eventually, you’ll track down a sweet video of the relative multitude of children.

Teenage baby momma

At the point when Christina was 17 years of age, she had her first kid, Victoria. She was a single parent, yet her life changed when she met her currently spouse while holiday. As per her, he fell head over heels for her from the outset and requested that she wed him and have heaps of children.

The key to having the biggest family of all time

The vast majority of Christina’s youngsters were brought into the world simultaneously and are of a similar age! Since it is unthinkable, to have such countless children on the double, she and her significant other went to surrogacy to assemble themselves an enormous family rapidly. Regardless of whether she bring forth every one of them, she’s still their natural momma. A few wishes to have handfuls more infants, yet they have not arranged a careful number at this point.

It takes a village to deal with the children.

Her 56-year-old tycoon accomplice is a super father who ensures that everybody’s necessities are met in the family. To help Christina deal with the children in the most ideal way, they have caretakers and a few aides.

A normal day for Christina

Christina lets us know that she and her better half have split the obligations between themselves. He deals with work and she cares for the youngsters. They go on strolls, play prepackaged games, and watch motion pictures with the children consistently. They’ve held ends of the week for quality family time and paying little mind to the day, they try to have their dinners together.

Reward: Watch how the pack gets together for photoshoots.

Assuming that you had the opportunity and cash, might you want to have a huge family as well?

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