A few Beaches in Japan Have Star-Shaped Sand Where You Can’t Find Nowhere in the World


Contrasting the stars in the sky with sand grains is a typical method of imagining the hugeness of the universe. However, at some novel sea shores in Japan’s Okinawa prefecture, the sand grains truly are stars.


Go for a walk along Hoshizuna no Hama (Star Sand Beach), situated on Iriomote Island, partaking in your feet lower in the sand. Look carefully, and you’ll see that the sand on this sea shore is extremely exceptional. Extremely exceptional.

The small star-molded grains of sand you’ll see on your feet are really the sharp husks of millions of little Foraminifera, which are important for a similar protist as single adaptable cell. At the point when Foraminifera pass on, the tide brings them shorewards from coral reefs in the Western Pacific Ocean.

Star sand from a beach on Hatoma Island. Photo: Psammophile

The Foraminifera phylum incorporates exactly 10,000 species that make shells of different plans. Star-molded shells, for example, the sort made by the Baculogypsina sphaerulata species displayed here, are exceptionally uncommon.

Truth be told, a couple of islands in Japan’s Okinawa prefecture are known to have them.

Photo: labormikro

Not all sandy sea shores at Okinawa have the star sand however. The most popular spots incorporate Kaiji sea shore on Taketomi Island and Star Sand Beach on Iriomote Island, just as Tokashiki Island’s Aharen Beach.

The star sand can likewise be tracked down all over Hatoma Island, and the more detached islands are additionally acceptable spots to discover it.

Photo: Okinawa Travel

With its adorable shape, the star sand can carry delight to all who discover it, however as of late it has diminished and a few sea shores have even prohibited guests from taking it home with them.

Star Sand Beach. Photo: adrienneleighm

In this way, prior to taking any home, affirm whether it is permitted at the offered sea shore, to assist with ensuring the star sand for people in the future to appreciate.

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