A Fortuitous Photo Of an Acrobatic Goose who Contort Its Body to Fly Upside Down


An uncanny shot by Dutch picture taker Vincent Cornelissen is driving a pursuit for answers after it shows a goose performing ethereal tumbling. Taken in March close to the modest community of Arnhem, The Netherlands, the odd picture catches the bird with its body flipped around and head and neck curved back 180 degrees, an apparently senseless trick that is really a move called whiffling. The normal flight conduct is utilized to speed up its plunge by rearranging average wing streamlined features, permitting the animal to fall quickly and keep away from hunters.

There’s hypothesis about whether this young adult goose was flaunting, however, with Bird Protection Netherlands preservationist Lars Soerink comparing the strange move to boasting. “When youthful geese have dominated flying, they begin to perceive what is conceivable and how far they can go,” he says in a meeting. “They (could) do it to gloat to their companions. Like, take a gander at me!”

Cornelissen has a fondness for natural life tricks, and you can discover a greater amount of his photographs of birds and different creatures on his Instagram. (through Peta Pixel)


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