Broadcasting Photos of The Four Seasons in Finnish Island


Photographic artist Jani Ylinampa has the favorable luck to live in one of the world’s most beautiful regions—Finnish Lapland. Furthermore, he exploits his environmental factors, shooting the bright Northern Lights and all the excellence that the climate has to bring to the table. In any case, it’s the changing dynamic of a little island that has truly grabbed his eye.

Kotisaari Island is a little landmass, available exclusively by boat, in the town of Rovaniemi. Settled into the Kemi River, the island was a logger fortification in when the stream was utilized by the logging business. Presently, the unspoiled island is the hero of a bunch of photographs by Ylinampa, which shows the evolving seasons. Winter, spring, summer, and fall—Ylinampa’s photos show the momentous magnificence of the island all year.

“Whenever I first snapped the picture of the island was in summer 2015 and I distributed it on my Instagram account in spring 2016,” Ylinampa tells My Modern Met. “It became a web sensation soon subsequently and was shared on innumerable records via web-based media. That is the point at which I found out about taking photographs of each season.”

While the thought appears to be basic, Ylinampa’s execution catches the light and shade of Kotisaari Island from an emerald green summer to the cold white winter. Indeed, the nearby photographic artist trusts that his photos show that Lapland is something beyond a colder time of year wonderland. “There’s such a great amount to encounter particularly during summer and fall, with the 12 PM sun and the harvest time Aurora Borealis; they’re better when there is yet no snow on the ground to mirror light.”

Ylinampa’s photos absolutely demonstrate the force of nature and that all we need is the right setting to get visual wizardry going.

Finnish scene photographic artist Jani Ylinampa shot Kotisaari Island across various seasons to show its all year excellence.
Here are some other aeronautical viewpoints of the island consistently.


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