Friendship Of Japanese Diver And A Wrasse Fish Which Lasts For 25 Years


We have heard numerous inspiring companionships of people and their pets, or even wild creatures. Pets are cute, adorable, and loving while wild creatures are thankful for people who treat them well. They can detect your affection, care, and kindness, so they will give you the equivalent. An exceptional bond grows up normally.

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Yet, with regards to the friendship of an elderly person and a fish, everything changes. Many individuals imagine that it’s impossible and stunning. That excellent bond just occurs in fairy books. On the off chance that it does, it will be quite possibly the most brilliant things on earth.

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Furthermore, it occurs, all things considered, guys. A Japanese Diver has become a close acquaintence with an amicable Asian sheepshead wrasse fish for a very long time.

Hiroyuki Arakawa (name of the Diver) met the fish that he named Yoriko while he was busy working.


The man was appointed to administer a ‘torii’ – a scared shrine to the Shinto religion. Yet, the exceptional thing about the shrine is that it is situated underneath the outside of Japan’s Tateyama Bay. This necessary Arakawa to dive oftentimes into the shrine to investigate marine animals living there.

Arakawa continued taking care of his job for around 10 years and he randomly met Yoriko, a well disposed Asian sheepshead wrasse. The diver and the ocean animal shaped a beautiful friendship and they “stayed in contact” for 25 years now.

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Each time they meet once more, Yoriko will give its human companion a big kiss. It’s the prettiest hello it could do to show the amount it loves and misses its companion.

One of their sweet visits was caught on film and shared via social media. It circulated around the web as individuals astonished at the friendship of the fish. It could recall the face of its human companion.

Picture credits: Youtube

A new logical investigation did by scientists at Oxford University proves this. The fish recall up to 86% of the human face that the scientists introduced to it.

In case you are searching for something positive at this questionable time, simply give this article a look. People and the fish can be companions!


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