Habitually We Didn’t Notice 10 Facts About Our Life


Human existence is something indefinable. The more people venture into the cutting edge world accepting science and innovation, the more they abandon humanistic characteristics. In this clash of realism and mysticism, people favor realism as the greater part of them think satisfaction lies on claiming more and materialistic belongings. Also, at last, they dispose of reality by being deluded by a hastily sweet illusionary world. This part of life is reflected by the Romanian craftsmen Horia Crisan and Bodgan Petry through their ironical pictures they have been making for the beyond 30 years.

These pictures they have made depict the severe truth of life that people fear tolerating.

Picture credit and More data:  Petry and Crisan Cartoons

#1 True Love.

The current society doesn’t esteem valid and legit characteristics of people as the world is in a consistent run for abundance and solace. This image depicts how ‘genuine affection’ is characterized by the current society. It is misjudged by the insatiability for cash and extravagance.

#2 Cure for Stupidity.

However innovation facilitates the everyday way of life of people it has turned into a justification for individuals to not to think out about the container. The reason for satisfaction lies in obvious insight, it resembles a glorious medication for a lethal infection.

#3 The Bible Corrected by God.

God’s proclaiming never separates people dependent on their abundance. It is the acceptable characteristics of a man that is viewed as abundance however sadly the present society indiscriminately trusts in a debased variant of God’s proclaiming rethought by the force progressive systems for them.

#4 The Brain.

Human cerebrum is a marvelous formation of God. The ones who are drawn to it will ultimately develop themselves entering another world.

#5 The Revolutionary’s ‘Triumph”.

Individuals with power have excelled at deluding individuals by shallow motions will stowed away defiled intentions and the certifiable revolutionists are taken advantage of by such rulers conceding them a triumph that is like loss.

#6 The Grandmaster.

Some skilled spirits are exceptional regardless of the number of individuals attempt to draw nearer to them.

#7 Doctor or Veterinarian? Both?

People are muddled, right? Once in a while they need both human consideration and creature care, for their characteristics knows no distinction.

#8 The Soldier’s Future.

The fate of officer is consistently in the possession of death!

#9 War.

Individuals think they battle their adversaries in war, however what they genuinely do is battle their own passing.

#10 Two Prisoners.

It doesn’t make any difference if it is a genuine jail, the whole world itself is a jail we as a whole are ensnared.


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