Meet the one who spends his time snuggling lions and tigers


With regards to risky creatures, huge cats as lions, tigers or cheetahs are unquestionably on the first spot on the list. However their excellence is past creative mind, those lofty creatures are not really the kind of cats to be around of.

However, that doesn’t stop Armand Gerber and his significant other, Beatrice from spending, most their experience with the most risky wild cats on the planet. A few runs the Iron Throne Predator and Wildlife Park in South Africa, a 200 arches of sanctuary, where ten lions, three tigers, two panthers and a cheetah are cheerfully living among other wild rescued animals.


“Every one of the creatures here are hostage conceived, 90% of them stay raised by us – yet interestingly, eight of our lions come from an office that was shut down for awful exposure. In our eyes, they’re rescues,”Armand says. “They have a permanent spot to live. I’ve needed to safeguard the way that we own lions consistently, yet in the event that I could, I would possess every one of the hostage lions on the planet.”


The say ‘once a cat, always a cat,’ never fits better, as Armand concedes that the entirety of his wild cats love a certain something: to cuddled. Furthermore, obviously, to play with their human companion the entire day.

Armand knows that working with such enormous creatures, who’re really top hunters, is amazingly risky. However, he announce himself very prefer to be in this position. Be that as it may, he concedes wild creatures ought to be treated with the highest regard.


“A few group believe I’m insane for doing this work. A few group believe I’m trying my destiny. You should recall that, I do this professionally and I do this is because of adoration and trust. I fail to remember that I am so lucky to have the option to work and cherish these creatures. They’re my family,” Armand said


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