Mother in tears when discovering her dog starving in the wake of being stolen 2 years prior


A photograph of a wanderer pooch was shared on Facebook by an asylum, wanting to track down another permanent spot to live for him. The dog who has blue lovely eyes was experiencing mange, and he was left abandoned and dirty.


As the helpless dog’s photograph began to circulate around the web, a call was received from a lady that suspecting the dog may be her lost dog which was taken from her backyard before two years.


She was approached to come to check whether the pooch can recognize her. We can see the response of the discouraged dog when the lady was contacting him.


Right away, the pooch was awful, yet he held her hands and stood up on his back legs to have a more intensive look, in the wake of recognizing her face and smell. The helpless dog, whose name is Lord straightforwardly knows her and starts licking and kissing her everywhere!

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