Photographic artist Captures Final Photos Of The ‘Queen Of Elephants’

Natural life photographic artist Will Burrard-Lucas had a mind boggling experience meeting the ‘Queen of Elephants,’ AKA F_MU1 in Tsavo, Kenya in the last years of her life.

Burrard-Lucas was at that point working on a task with the Tsavo trust shooting elephants in the area of Tsavo.


While he was contemplating the region, he found out about F_MU1 AKA the Queen of Elephants. He was told she has a delicate demeanor and is an exceptionally glorious animal.


Following an inquiry enduring a few days, they at long last tracked down her, here is the way he reviews it:

“Over the shrubs I got a brief look at an elephant’s back and seconds after the fact she ventured out from the dark. I was confused. F_MU1 was thin and old yet she stepped forward with dignified elegance. Her tusks were long to the point that they scratched the ground before her. She resembled a relic from a former period.”


They went through the entire day with her, she drove them to her neighborhood watering opening where she persistently held up her go to wash.


Each image caught the queen’s actual magnificence, each flaw addressing a triumph of time against the risks of poaching, draughts and other normal dangers, she made it this far.


Sadly, she spent away only weeks after Burrard-Lucas caught these photographs, doubtlessly because of regular causes. Fortunately, these photographs deify her.


She has made the cover for Burrard Lucas’ book, Land of Giants, which covers quite a while of elephant living in the area of Tvaso.


Her long and prosperous life is absolutely a demonstration of the difficult work that the Tsavo Trust and the Kenyan Wildlife Services put in to secure these heavenly creatures.


Burrard Lucas reviews the experience, “as a wild life photographic artist, a subject like F_MU1 is inconceivably uncommon; an animal that is extraordinary potentially the most exceptional of her sort but a creature that couple of have shot previously. The time I went through with her was a genuine advantage.”


You can peruse significantly more about his involvement in this African elephant on his blog.



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