Photos That Depict 100 Years Of Climate Change In Artic Glacier


Artic Glaciers were the most baffling and unseen miracles of nature in the mid 1900s. The ice sheets have turned into an eerie demonstration of the an Earth-wide temperature boost impacts north of 100 years of examination, investigation, and abuse later.

Swedish photojournalist who works with greenpeace, Christian Aslund accumulated some early photographs of glacial masses Ice in Svalbard, Norway from Norwegian Polar foundation. Then, at that point, he compare them close to his photographs of a similar area from 2002. You will see the distinctions in these previously, then after the fact photographs.

These photographs are utilized to advance #MyClimateAction, A National Geographic Campaign empowering conversation about environmental change and as a dissent against Norwegian oil organizations boring in the softening ice in Artic area.

See the distinction of the photographs underneath. You additionally can sign save the Artic’s Petition against Artic Oil here,in request to devasting outcomes of a worldwide temperature alteration.

Norwegian Polar Institute,Christian Åslund

More info: Christian Aslund

via Bored Panda


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