Poignant Illustrations That Show The Way Of One’s Life, Created By An Artist

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The artist Stephan Schmitz lives in Switzerland and makes delineations for the most eminent magazines on the planet. His works depict the various everyday issues for an advanced individual, from family connections to innovation. They aren’t amazingly sensational as it regularly occurs with creative works of this classification, yet the more you take a gander at them the more you understand the number of issues we need to experience consistently.

At Positive flow, we have chosen the most grounded works of Stephan Schmitz that will make you think further with regards to what our reality is truly similar to.

#1 Depression
© schmitz_illustration / instagram
#2 “How my depression destroyed my wedding”
#3 “Do my assets characterize who I am?”
#4 A healthy life for kids
#5 An existence without addiction
#6 The game
#7 “My husband left me and my family for my closest companion!”
#8 The pharmaceutical industry
#9 Freedom
#10 I’m cheating on my boyfriend with my boss.”
#11 Brainwashing
#12 A father-daughter relationship and unqualified love
#13 “I wedded some unacceptable lady!”
#14 Try tolerating the things you can’t change.
#15 A wedded man leaving his wife and children
#16 Keep going.
#17 Domestic brutality
#18 fearing the dull and how to defeat that dread
#19 Loneliness and social media

Which of Stephan Schmitz’s works did you like the best? Tell us in the remarks underneath.

See photograph credit schmitz_illustration/instagram