Splendid Solar Flares and the Northern Lights Which Appear in the Shortlist of the Astronomy Photographer of the Year


A trippy shot of the hallucinogenic California Nebula, a scene of the Milky Way rambling above French lavender yields, and a marvelous look at the sun’s attractive field blasting after a sun oriented flare are a couple of the heavenly pictures on the 2021 Astronomy Photographer of the Year waitlist. Facilitated by Royal Museums Greenwich for as long as 13 years, the yearly challenge gathered in excess of 4,5000 pictures of the go-aheads of the Aurora, far off cloud, and other galactic sights from contestants in 75 nations. The victor will be declared on September 16 preceding the National Maritime Museum’s display of the works opening on September 18. You can see a greater amount of the top photographs on the contest site. (via Kottke)

“Harmony” by Stefan Liebermann
“Iceland Vortex” by Larryn Rae
“Alien Throne” by Marcin Zajac
“California Dreamin’ NGC 1499” by Terry Hancock
“Milky Way rising over Durdle Door” by Anthony Sullivan
“Break of a New Day” by Nicholas Roemmelt
“The Magnetic Field of our Active Sun” by Andrew McCarthy. All pictures courtesy of Royal Museums Greenwich, imparted to authorization


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