The Streets Vandalized With Some Whoopee And Unique Pixel Art By An Artist (30 Pics)


It’s pitiful to see that energy and fun loving nature frequently vanish when you grow up. Everything becomes sort of dull. We quit partaking in the easily overlooked details throughout everyday life. In any case, imagine a scenario in which those basic things were somewhat more energetic and fun themselves. How about we take the roads, for instance. We stroll through them consistently and they’re generally beautiful meh. In any case, imagine a scenario where they had stowed away Easter eggs that would fill your heart with joy somewhat more splendid.

That is the thing that Johan Karlgen has at the top of the priority list when he makes his road craftsmanship. The Swedish craftsman makes pixelated workmanship pieces that make dull areas substantially more fascinating. They quite often cooperate with their current circumstance and despite the fact that they are not reasonable, they mix in well overall. His topics as a rule range from computer games to motion pictures to other mainstream society references. Johan became famous online on Reddit as of late in view of his changed substantial obstructions in a parking area. He made them into a Toblerone chocolate bar.


We got a meeting from Johan Karlgen and asked him what the primary objective of his road art is and how he got into art : “To satisfy myself and others. It’s been a lifetime romantic tale. I concentrated on expressions in secondary school just to have the option to go to one more city to live and skateboard. Yet, eventually, making stuff with my hands and brain wound up being my purpose in life.”


We asked the artist what the most troublesome aspect of making his specialty pieces is: “The art in making Perler manifestations is the pressing part. That is the thing that you can get great at.”


Johan shared what subjects he jumps at the chance to make about: “Whatever causes me to feel something. It very well may be anything from beloved recollections to governmental issues or individuals doing amazing stuff that I want to decipher.” The artist additionally referenced that the style of his street art is very perky and fun: “I don’t actually pick what to make. My work is sprung from playing, and I’ll attempt to go with the thoughts that surface in my mind.”


“I began doing this in 2015 or something. I became weary of shooting my stuff in my studio and moved outside. I’ll proceed till I run out of thoughts.”

Johan lets us know what keeps him propelled to make: “The fun of it. Since it’s an interest that went crazy, I guaranteed myself to just pursue its fun. Fortunately I have individuals supporting me cause my children can’t eat likes.”


“I’ve never had an awful involvement with the roads. I call my road workmanship ‘common defiance with an inner voice’ significance, for instance, that I don’t paint on individuals’ private property however center around peculiar, broken (regularly revolting) things in the roads. Also, that is most likely why nobody minds.”


“Make things that satisfy you,” said Johan when asked what counsel he would provide for specialists that are simply beginning.

The artist gives us a few realities about himself and his life: “I’m a dad of four who loves gaming and skateboards every so often. My better half has settled that I’ll never completely grow up.”



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