The Unbelievable Changes In The World, Then And Now Photos By NASA


Nowadays we as a whole are highly moved by ‘then, at that point, and presently’ photograph challenge. Large numbers of us post pictures of ourselves ten years back and what we look like now and that is a fascinating thing all things considered. We perceive how terrible our companions looked ten years prior and we make fun at them and that is truly amusing.

In any case, NASA has delivered some photographs of ‘then, at that point, and presently’ and you would not giggle any longer subsequent to seeing these photos. They are not people but rather of nature and it is really regrettable to perceive how nature has changed with time. They have analyzed how a few spots look 16 years prior with their current state and the magnificence of practically this load of spots have evaporated in their current pictures. The immense streams have totally ballooned, ice solid shapes have liquefied and green terrains have transformed into brown and it is genuinely woeful.

On account of the activities of people, the greater part of our normal assets are getting obliterated and no other evidence would be needed to show the size of annihilation other than this. Kindly look down to perceive how nature has confronted immense annihilation throughout the time and kindly keep to you that even you are liable for this adjustment of some way.

This is the issue of us all and in the event that we don’t make quick moves, after an additional 10 years, we would not have anything by any means!

More information: NASA

#1 Pedersen Glacier, Alaska. Summmer,1917 – Summer, 2005.
#2 Aral Sea, Central Asia. August 2000- August 2014.
#3 Lake Oroville, California. July 2010- August 2016.
#4 Carrol Glacier, Alaska. August, 1906- September, 2003.
#5 Powell Lake, Arizona, and Utah. March, 1999-May 2014.
#6 Bear Glacier, Alaska. July 1909- August 2005.
#7 Forests in Rondonia, Brazil. June 1975- August.2009.
#8 McCarty Glacier, Alaska. July 1909- August 2004.
#9 The Dasht River, Pakistan. August 1999- June 2011.
#10 Matterhorn Mountain in the Alps. August 1960- August 2005.
#11 Mabria Forest, Uganda. November 2001- January 2006.
#12 Toboggan Glacier, Alaska. June 1909 – September, 2000.
#13 Great man-made river, Libya. April 1987- April 2010.
#14 Qori kalis Glacier, Peru. July 1978- July 2011.
#15 Mar Chiquita lake, Argentina. July 1998- September 2011.
#16 Muir Glacier, Alaska. August 1941- August 2004. 


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