Things Were Doubled In 30 Photos, And People Couldn’t Help Taking Pictures


Here are the 30 images that were taken when various objects were doubled. Nearly 500,000 people participate in the r/2healthbars topic on Reddit, where people post all kinds of bizarre, fascinating, and amazing pictures that are uncommon examples of recursion.

Enjoy your time as you scroll down. All images include links that take you to the places where they were taken. Please feel free to check out more of these photographers’ work on their personal websites or in their collections.

#1 Little Orange

#2 Every year, this tree has been layering on top of another tree.

#3 Mother and Mother

#4 Another Dog Is In The Dog’s Ear

#5 This Apple Features an Apple.

#6 Icicles with chains

#7 This man was made for this occupation

#8 Ships being loaded onto another ship

#9 My boyfriend accidentally broke the ear off of the dog statue he’s owned for 12 years today, and when he opened it, he found a smaller dog inside.

#10 portraying nature

#11 he is Mario

#12 The Hard Boiled Rock

#13 This Vehicle With A Smaller Vehicle Inside of It

#14 Okay, so which box does the trash go in?

#15 A Defense of the Case

#16 Customers Of Walmart

#17 Tick Tock

#18 Cuteness Increased

#19 This Mice Had A Child.

#20 I’m removing the porch flooring to reveal more flooring.

#21 This Town Hall Has Its Own Mascot

#22 Burburger

#23 The proper piece was already screwed under the end of my headphones using an adapter.

#24 Cockatwo

#25 Cookie Exchange

#26 The Present Window Designed by Ice

#27 Incognito

#28 Someone attempted to break into a nearby auto parts store.

#29 My step-son, he

#30 I discovered this hammer in my Airbnb. Its rattle intrigued me, as you may imagine. Then I found the additional health bars!