Virtual Traffic Jam on Google Maps Created Using 99 Phones and a Handcart

Virtual Traffic Jam on Google Maps Created Using 99 Phones and a Handcart

Caution: Do not involve this stunt to drive without traffic by making counterfeit traffic in your city.

Google Maps may be an astounding route and traffic apparatus that is profoundly valuable, notwithstanding, this doesn’t mean it can’t be tricked.

Simon Weckert, a Berlin-based artist, deceived the famous application into imagining that a totally vacant road is overflowing with traffic. How he treated out and out virtuoso, he filled a cart with 99 cell phones and opened Maps route on every one of them. He gradually got the graph through Berlin’s roads, amusingly, remembering the road just external Google’s office for Berlin. Before adequately long, the road should have been visible blasting red with traffic on Google Maps.


You can look at the artist’s video from here:

You may be inquiring as to why precisely this occurs. As you would have speculated, Google utilizes a technique where it publicly supports traffic information from one side of the planet to the other. Cell phones utilized by individuals in vehicles give the fundamental data to Google, for example, the speed at which they are moving, and the number of cell phones are on that specific road. For Weckert’s situation, 99 vehicles stacked up after one more in a little road painted the road red in a split second.

Source: Simon Weckert

It is without a doubt that individuals who were utilizing Google Maps at the time were informed that the road had a jam and that they ought to simply stay away from the road by and large. If they somehow managed to utilize the road in any case, its practically vacant look probably come as a shock.

Weckert hasn’t shared any further subtleties aside from his blog entry. Since there aren’t any further subtleties, the entire thing may be faked as well. Assuming it is genuinely real, Google should be most likely investigating this since it tends to be taken advantage of without any problem.

Source: Simon Weckert

In any case, we don’t as a rule get craftsmen with 99 cell phones in a wheel barrow meandering around. Try not to let this keep you away from utilizing Google Maps, and all the more critically, don’t let the person with the red cart stop for a minute to do, and pick your own course.


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